During the construction planning of your building or structure, make sure you have all of the necessary construction materials prepared. Looking for the proper construction material supplier is crucial because they can provide the best products that your contractors can use. If you require fire safety products from Bilco, Fire Safety Equipment has what you need! You can find that we have several products that buildings and structures will need, such as automatic smoke vents and fire-rated floor doors. 

Buildings that contain highly flammable products and materials can create a ton of smoke when a fire erupts. An automatic smoke vent will detect the fire and automatically open its hatch, dispersing the thick smoke outside the building. 

And if you want to protect your building components found underneath floor areas from a building fire, you can get our fire-rated floor doors. They have a 2-hour floor/ceiling assembly, ensuring adequate fire protection from the high heat generated by fire. They also have an automatic closing system, which closes the door for you.

Here at Fire Safety Equipment, we make sure that we only supply high-quality products to all of our clients. If you ever need our Bilco fire safety products for your construction projects, call us at (855) 916-3473 (FIRE) right away! We have professionals that can answer all of your questions about our products.