Fire Extinguishers Fire Extinguishers

Every commercial building needs a fire emergency plan and that includes investing in good quality fire equipment . Fire Safety Equipment is here to provide you with a comprehensive selection of Fire Extinguishers. Even during the first stages of your building construction, you should already be taking a serious look at the type of fire extinguishers you will need for the building.

If your building has flammable liquid, like gasoline, you will need our Galaxy Extinguishers, which has a siliconized sodium bicarbonate, or also known as a regular dry chemical.

Another type of fire extinguisher that restaurants should have are our Saturn Extinguishers, which have a Class K wet chemical compound. It’s effective at cooling the fire and preventing liquid cooking media fires from splashing.

Don’t forget to purchase our fire extinguishers to better protect your commercial building in case of fire.