Potter Roemer

Finding the right products for your commercial building is critical, especially when it comes to fire protection. Fire Safety Equipment is proud to offer Potter Roemer’s line of fire equipment, including fire-rated access doors, floor panels, and roof hatches, as well as fire extinguishers, cabinets, emergency specialty products, and a wide range of accessories.

One product you will find helpful in our fire protection equipment collection is the Detention 1.5” Fire Hose Rack Cabinet. These cabinets are suitable in places prone to fire since they can protect the fire hose behind the cabinet’s door surface. The fire rating indicates the specific number of hours, providing you time to extinguish flames using a fire extinguisher. Firefighters can also open the cabinet with ease by using its locking mechanism.

If you need fire equipment, get in touch with us right away. Our high-quality fire-rated products are a valuable addition to the high-quality products in your commercial building.