Fire Blankets and Cabinets

What is a Fire Blanket?  

Fire blankets are non-flammable fire safety products made from textiles like glass fiber, wool, or Kevlar, with a flame-retardant coating for improved flame resistance. Commercial structures install fire extinguisher cabinets with the extinguisher and fire blanket stored inside for easy access. 

Benefits of Fire Blankets  

  • Eliminate Fires at the Source: Fires need oxygen, heat, and fuel to keep burning — eliminate one element, and you extinguish the fire. Fire blankets smother flames by eliminating their oxygen supply and stopping them from spreading.  
  • Non-Flammable: Fire blankets smother flames but will not catch fire due to their non-flammable glass fiber or woolen composition. We offer fire blankets treated with a flame retardant for improved flame resistance.  

Use of Fire Blankets   

Anyone with minimal instruction and training can use a fire blanket to extinguish a fire that cannot be extinguished with water — for example, a grease fire in a commercial kitchen or an electrical fire in an industrial setting.  

Why Buy from Us? 

We pride ourselves on having the best fire safety products to give you peace of mind and compliance with building codes. Choose a fire blanket to improve safety in your commercial building. We also have a collection of fire extinguisher cabinets with fire blankets for added convenience. 

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