Fire Rated Floor Hatches

What is a Fire-Rated Floor Hatch?   

A fire-rated floor hatch is a building product that conceals, protects and provides access to vents, wires, plumbing and other fixtures located beneath floors or between floors of a building. Fire-rated floor hatches from Fire Safety Equipment, provide multiple flooring benefits in commercial areas such as maximizing storage, functionality, and flexibility. When a floor hatch is fire-rated it also supports safety in your commercial building. Fire-rated floor hatches have undergone rigorous testing to ensure they can maintain their designated fire rating for a specified period. 

Benefits of Fire-Rated Floor Hatches   

  • Fire-rated: Compared to ordinary floor hatches, fire-rated floor doors made from aluminum or a combination of aluminum and steel, are designed to help prevent the spread of fire for a limited time. 
  • Customizable sizes: These floor hatches, even customizable ones, come in different sizes to ensure a tight fit. Install these floor hatches where the fire-rating matches the requirements for the surface on which they will be installed.   

Use of Fire-Rated Floor Hatches   

Commercial buildings often require access between floors. Having fire-rated floor hatches provides that access and can also help to slow down the spread of fire. They not only meet fire-safety requirements but also building codes. Knowing the difference between products that provide fire protection and resistance is a good place to start.  

Shop from our collection of aluminum and steel fire-rated floor hatches. If you want more information about our other fire-rated products, reach us by dialing (855) 916-3473 and speaking to our product experts directly. We provide quality products to ensure your building adheres to fire and building safety codes.

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