Hose Cabinets

What are Hose Cabinets?  

A hose cabinet is a steel box used to store a fire hose and rack unit to protect them from damage when not in use. You'll see them installed throughout commercial buildings in compliance with building codes, with the requirement that the doors do not obstruct fire exits or be obstructed. 

Benefits of Hose Cabinets  

  • Detention-Ready Durability: The steel door and cabinet protect your fire safety equipment. Mechanical deadlocks or snap latches are also available to prevent tampering. 
  • Fire Safe Storage: Hose cabinets are double-walled and lined with thick fire-barrier material, ensuring your chosen fire hose is protected.   

Use of Hose Cabinets  

Hose cabinets contain essential quick-response firefighting equipment. As such, building personnel can use hose cabinets and the equipment inside to respond to fires and back up the building's sprinkler system. Fire fighters can use standpipes and hoses inside hose cabinets to supplement their firefighting capabilities.  

Why Buy from Us? 

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