Valve and Extinguisher Cabinets

What is a Valve and Extinguisher Cabinet?    

Valve and Extinguisher Cabinets are combination cabinets with heavy gauge shelves designed to store hose valves and fire extinguishers in separate compartments within the same storage unit. They are used throughout commercial buildings including warehouses, manufacturing plants, hotels, and stadiums. 
Benefits of Installing Valve and Extinguisher Cabinets: 
Extra Strength: Made from high-quality, durable materials, these cabinets are especially well-suited for pressurized water extinguishers as these tend to be heavier. These cabinets come with extra sturdy mounts to ensure safety and proper storage. They are also equipped with a heavy-duty continuous hinge for added strength to account for the weight of the fire extinguisher. 

Why Buy from Us?   

Fire Safety Equipment has recessed, trim less, surface mount, and other styles of valve and extinguisher cabinets suitable for your commercial building. If you have questions, please call us at (855) 916-3473 and we’ll help you find the right solution!  
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