Smoke Vents

What is a Smoke Vent?  

Smoke vents help remove heat, smoke, and poisonous gases from your building. They provide additional safety to your occupants during an emergency by filtering out the gases and providing proper ventilation, especially in small areas like hallways and near elevators or stairwells.  

Benefits of Smoke Vents  

  • Reduce smoke inhalation: One of the leading causes of casualties during fires is often from inhaling smoke and poisonous gases. The proper installation of smoke vents gives occupants and firefighters a better chance of exiting the premises safely. 
  •  UL-listed: We provide a double-leaf smoke vent that is UL-listed. UL, or Underwriters Laboratories, is nationally recognized and dedicated to product safety testing. A UL-listed product has been rigorously tested and meets all stringent requirements for safety.   

Use of Smoke Vents  

Commercial and industrial buildings must follow specific building safety codes, especially regarding fire safety. Smoke vents provide additional support and protection to occupants and firefighters in emergencies by filtering out poisonous gases, smoke, and heat from the interior of the building.   

Why Buy from Us?  

We continue to provide quality fire safety equipment that adheres to building safety codes. You can check out our latest UL-listed smoke vents. Enjoy the peace of mind you deserve by choosing quality products for your commercial or industrial property. 

You can contact our product experts directly by calling (855) 916-3473. Your safety and security are our priority!