30" x 36" Aluminum Smoke Vent - Single Leaf - Acudor

30" x 36" Aluminum Smoke Vent - Single Leaf - Acudor

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30" x 36" SVA-SL Aluminum Smoke Vent-Single Leaf 

Smoke rises naturally in the event of a fire, and opening windows will only reduce the smoke slightly. If you need to mitigate most of the smoke, you'll have to move it in another direction. With the 30"" x 36"" SVA-SL aluminum smoke vent-single leaf, you can get exceptional protection against the smoke and heat produced by a fire inside the building.

Why is the SVA-SL a must-have?

Automatic Operation: The SVA-SL features a fusible link so that the gas spring operators will automatically open the smoke vent in the event of a fire. This feature ensures you can evacuate safely without activating the SVA-SL manually.

Durable Construction: The SVA-SL is a very robust product, able to bear up to 40lbs./sq. Ft. of weight due to its Double-skin build structure. The cover features a 20GA (.032) Aluminum liner, wrapped by 1/8 (.125) Aluminum cover on both sides. The curb also features the same 1/8"" Aluminum construction, ensuring consistent durability.

Weather Sealed: To ensure temperature stability, you can rely on the SVA-SL's 1" Polyiso (R-6) insulation on both the curb and cover. A continuous EPDM foam seal gasket between the cover and curb ensures your indoor facilities remain protected in various weather conditions and are draft-free.

Customize to Preference: Choose a 165° UL Listed Fusible Link or a Resettable McCabe link for flawless smoke vent operation. You can also choose to have a polycarbonate lid installed for added daylighting. For additional ventilation, a louvered curb is also available. The SVA-SL also features curb mounting or a metal building flange to get your desired mounting method.


  • Cover: Double-skin construction ("in-box type design") with 1" Polyiso (R-6) insulation and a continuous EPDM foam weather/draft seal gasket that is attached to the inside of the cover to provide a flush, tight fit and designed to support a live load of 40lbs./sq. Ft. The cover is 1/8"" thick aluminum with a 20 gauge aluminum inside liner.
  • CURB: 1/8" Aluminum with 1"" thick Polyiso (R-6) insulation at the curb exterior. The curb is 12" high, with a 3.375" wide bottom flange and pre-drilled mounting holes.
  • HINGE: Aluminum pintle hinges with 3/8" pin.
  • OPENING: Gas spring operators allow the cover to open and close quickly. Inside and outside release allows for manual lid operation.
  • DOOR LATCH: Self-latching Slam Latch. Supplied standard with 165° UL Listed Fusible Link. The Resettable McCabe link is available.
  • FINISH: Mill finish

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30" x 36" Aluminum Smoke Vent - Single Leaf - Acudor