60" x 96" Aluminum UL Listed Smoke Vent - Double Leaf - Acudor

60" x 96" Aluminum UL Listed Smoke Vent - Double Leaf - Acudor

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60" x 96" SVA-DL Aluminum UL-Listed Double Leaf Smoke Vent

Specific commercial building areas, particularly the tiny secluded spaces, are prone to smoke heaps once a fire breaks out. Our most trusted 60" x 96" Aluminum UL-Listed Double Leaf Smoke Vent (SVA-DL) provides immediate fire protection and allows the firefighters quickly eliminate the fire. 

What makes SVA-DL a must-have in your commercial buildings?  

Safety: The SVA-DL model exhibits a functional double-leaf automatic smoke vent, serving as your building's ventilation system once a particular area is brimming with smoke. Moreover, it's a valuable fire-protection measure that aids in filtering out harmful gases inside a burning structure.

Durability: The cover of the SVA-DL smoke vent has 11 gauge aluminum steel-built materials—well-known for its lightweight and corrosion resistance features, perfect for installing in areas often exposed to varying weather conditions.

Usage Convenience: It's a handy solution that provides inside and outside manual release, so when an emergency emerges and you need to open the smoke vent panel indoors or outdoors, you can quickly do so through standard lid operation. Furthermore, gas spring operators allow automatic and convenient opening and closing of the cover.

Flexibility: The SVA-DL panel can flush and comfortably fit in your different building areas as it offers a wide array of smoke vent sizes ranging from 48 x 48, 48 x 72, 48 x 90, 48 x 96, 60 x 60, 60 x 72, 60 x 90, to 60 x 96 inches.

Professional Finish: Presenting an aluminum mill finish, this smoke vent panel displays a clean and architecturally pleasing appearance.


  • COVER: Double-skin construction ("in-box type design") with 1" cellulose insulation and a continuous EPDM foam weather/draft seal gasket that is attached to the inside of the cover to provide a flush, tight fit. It contains a cover designed to support a live load of 40lbs./sq. ft., the cover is 11 gauge aluminum with a 20 gauge aluminum inside liner.
  • CURB: 1/8" Aluminum with 1" thick fiberboard roof insulation at the curb exterior. The curb is 12" high, with a 3.375" wide bottom flange and pre-drilled mounting holes.
  • HINGE: Heavy-duty galvanized steel/aluminum pintle hinges with 3/8" pin
  • OPENING: Gas spring operators allow the cover to open and close easily. Inside and outside release allows for manual lid operation.
  • DOOR LATCH: Self-latching Slam Latch. Supplied standard with 165° UL Listed Fusible Link. The Resettable McCabe link is available.
  • FINISH: Aluminum: Mill Finish

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60" x 96" Aluminum UL Listed Smoke Vent - Double Leaf - Acudor