Top 3 Pieces of Fire Protection Equipment for Your Commercial Building

Posted by Fire Safety Equipment on 10th May 2022

Top 3 Pieces of Fire Protection Equipment for Your Commercial Building

Top 3 Pieces of Fire Protection Equipment for Your Commercial Building

Commercial building owners need to provide a safe building at all times. Depending on your building's size, you have people that need to rely on the safety of your structure. An excellent example of creating a safe building is installing security cameras to spot criminal or illegal activities. 

Another one is fire safety, and it's one of the essential elements you need to have in your building. A building fire can happen anytime, so you need to outfit your facility with fire protection equipment. Before you purchase them from Fire Safety Equipment, you need to learn what they are to find ways to utilize them. 

1. Fire and Smoke Detectors

The first fire protection equipment that every commercial building should have is fire and smoke detectors. You strategically place them in areas within the building that's highly susceptible to fires. But in some cases, commercial building owners prefer to install them in every corner to detect smoke or fire and give out an alarm that will warn everyone. 

You also have the choice to install a visual alarm along with the sound alarm to provide more coverage and alert everyone faster. As the name suggests, fire and smoke detectors work by sending out a loud alarm that similarly sounds like a siren but more synthetic-sounding. It will only work when smoke fills the room or if the temperature within the room suddenly increases. 

Once the fire and smoke detectors engage, your building's fire suppression system would turn on and extinguish the fire. However, you need to regularly maintain the fire and smoke detectors if you want them to function correctly. It would be best to buy quality pieces of fire protection equipment from fire safety equipment to make it last longer. 

2. Fire Suppressors and Extinguishers

Besides fire and smoke detectors, you also need to have fire suppressors and extinguishers. An excellent example of a fire suppression system is the fire sprinkler system. It disperses water mixed with chemicals that efficiently puts out the fire as quickly as possible. As mentioned a while ago, it only works when there are fire and smoke detectors. 

And with fire extinguishers, you can usually place them in each building floor or area, depending on what fire experts recommend. It would be best to put them inside cabinets specifically built for fire extinguishers to protect them from physical damage. Note that you also need to maintain your fire extinguisher. 

3. Emergency Lights and Fire Safety Signs

During a building fire, the intense fire will generate a ton of smoke that can block 90% of a person's vision. That's the reason OSHA requires commercial buildings to put up emergency lights and fire safety signs to mark the exit routes. The emergency signs and lights are bright enough for a person to see through the thick smoke. 

If you're in the initial planning stage of your commercial building's construction, you shouldn't forget the top three pieces of fire protection equipment that we've mentioned above. You can find high-quality fire protection equipment when you visit us right away!