FSE-BA-SR2 full acrylic semi-recessed 2" fire extinguisher cabinets are easy to install and provide convenient storage space for your fire extinguisher. The cabinet comes with a recessed mount and a ½” thick trim protruding from the wall. The door is full acrylic, and the box is made of cold-rolled steel with an electrostatic material, thermally-fused polyester coating, and a recoatable white finish.

All the fire extinguisher cabinets in this series come with tempered glass that breaks into tiny, harmless pellets. You can also choose the fire extinguisher cabinets that have no glass and are just made of steel or aluminum all around.

This fire extinguisher cabinet is perfect for people who own commercial spaces and need fire extinguishers in their buildings. Fire safety is essential, especially in large structures with many occupants.

Reasons to Choose the FSE-BA-SR2

  • Durable and safe
  • Provides convenient storage
  • Recoatable finish 
  • Easy installation 

Fire safety is essential for your commercial or industrial spaces. If you need fire extinguisher cabinets or other fire safety equipment, know that you can count on Fire Safety Equipment. To reach us for further inquiries, dial (855) 916-3473 and ask to speak to our product experts directly. You can also request a quote for future or bulk orders of our fire safety products. 

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