The FSE-BAL-TL is a tough choice to beat when it comes to having a recessed fire extinguisher cabinet. Having your fire extinguisher cabinets recessed means you can choose whether it can blend in or stand out with its surroundings.

Regardless of which frame type, the FSE-BAL-TL protects your fire extinguisher inside a cold rolled steel box. The box has an electrostatic polyester coating underneath its recoatable white finish so that you can paint it to your preferred color scheme. It also has various frame finishes. You can choose between steel, aluminum, stainless steel, or bronze.

Lastly, the FSE-BAL-TL features a fully acrylic door with various lock options. Choose between a standard handle, pull handle and roller catch, fire pull handle, flush pull handle, or a break rite handle. With the FSE-BAL-TL, you can customize the looks and its tamper protection. 

Reasons to Choose FSE-BAL-TL: 

  • Excellent storage area for fire extinguishers 
  • Protected by the clear or colored acrylic door
  • Recessed installation
  • Paintable white finish 

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