For your recessed fire extinguisher cabinet needs in maximum security locations, FSE-DETC-R is your perfect choice. 

The FSE-DETC-R protects your fire extinguisher through its heavy-duty 12-gauge cold rolled steel construction and continuous hinge. The FSE-DETC-R has its corners mitered and ground smooth, ensuring no dangerous protrusions.

You also have a variety of lock options. Choose between a standard handle, pull-handle and roller catch, fire pull handle, flush pull handle, or a break rite handle. The FSE-DETC-R comes standard with cabinet alarms; you can choose whether it's battery or switch-operated. With the FSE-DETC-R, you can customize the looks and its tamper protection. 

You can also choose between die-cut or decal if you require the FSE-DETC-R to have clear markings. You can also choose no letterings allowing you to attach your labeling.

Reasons to Choose FSE-DETC-R: 

  • Durable 12-gauge steel construction
  • Various security lock options
  • Mitered and smoothed corners

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