In the event of a fire, smoke can make it difficult for building occupants to locate escape routes and cause them to inhale dangerous fumes. For this reason, you should have a dependable galvanized steel smoke vent like the FSE-DSH-S.

You can rely on the 14-gauge galvanized steel cover and frame construction featured on the FSE-DSH-S. The fully welded corners and internal reinforcement allow the FSE-DSH-S to handle live loads of up to 40 PSF (195 kg/m2).

The FSE-DSH-S features double-leaf construction. Each door on this smoke vent has high-performance gas springs allowing it to open against a 10 PSF(49 kg/m2) snow/wind load with lock covers to hold the open position. When combined with the UL-listed 165°F (74°C) fusible link, you can trust the FSE-DSH-S to vent out dangerous smoke and fumes in various weather conditions.

To conserve the internal temperature of your building, the FSE-DSH-S also has fiberboard insulation across the curb and fiberglass insulation between the cover layers. A permanently attached EPDM rubber gasket completes the weather sealing on the FSE-DSH-S, ensuring you remain indoors and protected from outdoor weather conditions.

Reasons to Choose FSE-DSH-S: 

  • Reduce smoke inhalation and promote visibility during fires
  • Double-leaf design galvanized steel construction
  • Reliable UL-listed fusible link
  • Ready to withstand live loads
  • Weather-tight design

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