FSE-FBC-NA Emergency Fire Blanket

The FSE-FBC-NA is a simple, no-frills fire blanket for your commercial properties. Keep these on hand to put out small fires including kitchen grease fires. They can also be used to wrap or shield yourself to escape a burning building. The non-flammable woven cloth blanket is chemically treated to retard fire and comes with a 10-year guarantee. Store it in an accessible place; ideally, in a fire extinguisher cabinet designed to hold an emergency fire blanket alongside your fire extinguisher. 

The FSE-FBC-NA is your prime choice for a simple but effective fire blanket.

Reasons to Choose FSE-FBC-NA: 

  • 62" X 80" size
  • Designed to meet Federal Spec CS-191-53 and NFPA 701-5.1 standards
  • Treated with Dupont® X-12 for fire retardancy
  • Fire retardant in accordance with the Flammable Fabrics Act, CS 191-53.

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