Fire Safety Equipment is a well-known entity, especially when offering a superior class of fire tools, including fire extinguishers. Our reputable team of experts ensures that our FSE-Galaxy product series conforms to the stringent CAN/ULC-S504—ANSI/UL299 and CAN/ULC-S508-ANSI/UL711 test standards. It can fend off class B (flammable liquids and gases) and class C (energized electrical equipment) fires.

Our Galaxy extinguishers models contain siliconized sodium bicarbonate base elements or the regular dry chemical. They are handy to use with easy cleanup required afterward as the traditional chemicals utilized are non-toxic and usually prevent baking on a hot metal surface.

FSE-Galaxy is available in various standard dimensions: Galaxy 2-1/2* (FG02C), Galaxy 5-1/2 (FG055C), Galaxy 10 (FG10C), and Galaxy 20 (FG20C). Each has a distinct nominal capacity, UL rating, and so on that's important for you to consider before purchasing.

Your best source of fire extinguishers!

Fire Safety Equipment is your best companion in ensuring that your commercial building is fire-prepared. Our FSE-Galaxy fire extinguishers are one of the market's most sought-after BC dry chemical-type extinguishers, available in different model sizes that you can choose from depending on your establishment's needs. Reach us at 855-916-3473 to ask for a personalized quote request and have your ordered product delivered straight to your doorsteps within 3-5 days. For product concerns or issues, kindly review our Returns Policy. What are you waiting for? Grab yours now!

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