If your commercial building requires simple extinguishers that are economical to recharge, then mind checking out our FSE-Grenadier products. It's a water-type extinguisher that utilizes ordinary water and is pressurized with regular air.

Moreover, it's the kind of water press extinguisher that effectively puts out Class A fires involving common combustible materials, including wood, paper, rubber, and plastics. Strongly constructed in a butt-welded 304-L stainless steel cylinder, our FSE-Grenadier eradicates all internal and external crevices.

We offer a 2.5-gallon extinguisher with a 2A UL rating that passes the CAN/ULC-S507-ANSI/UL626 and CAN/ULC S508-ANSI/UL711 standard tests, and USCG approved. Keep in mind that we'll ship empty units right to your doorsteps, and it's up to you to fill and pressurize them onsite.

The best source of top-class extinguishers!

Fire Safety Equipment is your best companion in ensuring that your commercial building is always fire-ready. Our 2.5-gallon FSE-Grandier extinguishers are uniquely water-type fire equipment you can utilize to contain Class A fires. Reach us at 855-916-3473 to ask for a personalized quote request and have your ordered product delivered straight to your doorsteps within 3-5 days. For product concerns or issues, kindly review our Returns Policy. What are you waiting for? Grab yours now!

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