Fire Safety Equipment is the home of reliable and high-quality fire utilities. One of the collection series we proudly present is our AMBASSADOR fire extinguisher cabinets that specifically house the FSE-JLAM-2RL 2.5" Rolled Fire Extinguisher Cabinet model type. Like the ACADEMY series, our team of experts furnishes the products under the AMBASSADOR catalog with transparent anodized aluminum materials.

Nonetheless, what makes FSE-JLAM-2RL one of the North American construction professionals' favorite choices is its unique 2 1/2 rolled wall mounting capability. It constitutes a flush cabinet door packed with a continuous hinge-attached 5/8" doorstop, granting secure access and preventing accidental damage.

Additionally, all units with rolled edges like FSE-JLAM-2RL enjoy exclusive mechanically-joined extrusions. For a more elegant-looking fire extinguisher cabinet, customizer the doors with our glazing options.

Keep your fire extinguishers in good condition!

The Fire Safety Equipment team commits to providing a seamless experience in achieving a fire-ready building. Entrust your fire extinguishers with our FSE-JLAM-2RL 2.5" rolled extinguisher cabinets to guarantee your equipment's safety and protection 24/7. Reach us at 855-916-3473 to ask for a personalized quote request and have your ordered product delivered straight to your doorsteps within 3-5 days. For product concerns or issues, kindly review our Returns Policy. What are you waiting for? Grab one of our FSE-JLAM-2RL models now!

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