Install the FSE-JLCR-FLT CROWLINE Flat Trim Fire Extinguisher Cabinet in your commercial building to get yourself the excellent protection your fire extinguishers need.

The FSE-JLCR-FLT cabinet ensures that dents or accidental discharges won't be a problem with its state-of-the-art design. It protects your fire extinguishers, while your fire extinguishers protect your commercial building. It's a win-win situation!

You'll have no problem installing this cabinet with it's flat trim feature. Get the aesthetic appeal and the toughness you want in a fire extinguisher cabinet. You're just one order away from getting this fantastic product!

Reason to choose the FSE-JLCR-FLT

  • The durability of the FSE-JLCR-FLT protects your fire extinguisher
  • Secured from tampering
  • Easy to access in case of fire incidents
  • It comes in various shapes and sizes that are perfect for every surface
  • Aesthetically pleasing to the eye with its smooth and flat trim finish

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