FSE-JLCR-TRL Trimless Fire Extinguisher Cabinet

Protect your fire extinguishers from damage, unauthorized use and theft. FSE-JLCR-TRL trimless fire extinguisher cabinet features solid steel construction, with a galvanized back panel and stainless sides designed to protect the fire extinguisher from accidental bumps and potential damage. The clear-viewing panels ensure that the extinguisher is easy to find when needed.

Fire extinguisher cabinets can be installed throughout your commercial building. Be sure to clearly mark the locations of fire extinguishers and label your cabinets in accord with fire regulations.

Reasons to buy CROWNLINE Trimless Fire Extinguisher Cabinet:

  • Protects fire extinguisher from damage
  • Lessens the risk of corrosion
  • Promotes fire extinguisher longevity
  • Trimless design saves spac

Fire Safety Equipment has a wide range of sturdy and reliable fire extinguishers. You can customize them too! To learn more about fire extinguisher cabinets, please read our article on the topic: 5 Types of Fire Extinguisher Cabinets 

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