FSE-JLPA-TRL Panorama Trimless Fire Extinguisher

Fire Safety Equipment brings you the FSE-JLPA-TRL Trimless Fire Extinguisher Cabinet, which uses steel materials to secure the fire extinguisher safely from different weather conditions, aearthquakes, dirt, and unauthorized use.

The clear-viewing panels enable people to locate the fire extinguisher during fire incidents quickly. Also, its door has a matching hinge, self-adjusting roller catch, and a standard zinc-plated pull handle that is durable, rust-proof, easy to maintain, and aesthetically pleasing.

Reasons to buy FSE-JLPA-TRL!

  • Protects fire extinguisher from harmful elements
  • Lessens the risk of corrosion
  • Promotes fire extinguisher longevity
  • Trimless design saves space
  • Visible and easy to access during fire emergencies
  • Cleaner Style

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Fire Safety Equipment has a wide range of sturdy and reliable fire extinguishers that you may buy. Each model has distinctive features and advantages that meet your commercial or industrial building's needs. You can customize them too!

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