The SVG-DL Galvanized UL-Listed Smoke Vent Double Leaf is the ideal smoke vent you can install. Its durable materials and double leaf provide an outlet for deadly smoke, extreme heat, and toxic gases. It also serves quick access for firefighters and rescue teams to retrieve trapped individuals inside a burning building.

Why Install the SVG-DL?  

Efficient Fire Ventilation: The smoke vent UL-Listed seal guarantees that the product meets the industry's required safety and sustainability standards. It also ensures that the access door is a safe consumer-ready product that commercial builders can install anytime.

Quick Access: SVG-DL is a multi-purpose access door. It helps remove smoke and other toxic and harmful gases from the burning building and serves as firefighters' point of entry and exit for immediate rescue.

Product Specifications:  


  • Double-skin construction ("in-box type design")
  • 1" cellulose insulation
  • It has a continuous EPDM foam weather/draft seal gasket attached to the inside of the cover to provide a flush, tight fit.
  • The cover can support a live load of 40lbs./square foot.
  • The body is 14 gauge galvanized steel with a 22 gauge galvanized steel inside liner.


  • 14 gauge galvanized steel
  • 1" thick fiberboard roof insulation at the curb exterior.
  • The curb is 12" high, with a 3.375" wide bottom flange and pre-drilled mounting holes.


  • Heavy-duty galvanized steel/aluminum pintle hinges
  • 3/8" pin


  • Inside and outside release allows for manual lid operation.
  • It has gas spring operators that enable the cover to open and close quickly.

Door Latch:  

  • Self-latching. Slam Latch. Supplied standard with 165° UL Listed Fusible Link. The Resettable McCabe link is available.


  • Galvanized Steel: baked on polyester enamel paint

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