FSE-BAV-SR2 Fire-Rated Semi-Recessed 2” Valve and Fire Extinguisher Cabinet 

Protect your fire extinguishers and valves in our fire-rated semi-recessed 2” valve and fire extinguisher cabinet featuring an external steel fire protection box with a layer of fire-rated insulation materials. The fire rating of the FSE-BAV-SR2 is UL Classified per the standard for UL 1479 and rated up to 2 Hours. Can be used with up to 20 lb. dry chemical fire extinguishers and 2 1/2" angle valves.

Choose the material, glass style, and handle type. An alarm comes standard with switch or battery-operated functionality.

Reasons to Choose FSE-BAV-SR2: 

  • Fire-rated protection for your fire extinguisher and valves 
  • Semi-recessed 2”
  • Cabinet alarm included
  • Various handle types

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