FSE-PFN fire-rated uninsulated access door has a 1” flange for easy, flush installation in fire-rated walls in your commercial building. It helps protect gas lines, cable and wirings, vent systems, plumbing, and ductwork by slowing fire spread for up to 1 1/2 hours in neutral/negative pressure environments. Additionally, FSE-PFN provides quick access for maintenance and repairs to keep your building operations on track.

The access door is highly durable with a self-latching tool-key operated slam latch and ring-operated slam latch, continuous piano hinge, and standard automatic panel closer. As per UL standards, this door will be self-closing and self-locking once the installation is complete.

Why Choose FSE-PFN-PLY?

  • Helps slow the spread of fire for up to 1 1/2 hours
  • Ideal for installation in fire-rated walls
  • Protects cables, wires, lines, and systems from unauthorized access

Fire Safety Equipment offers a wide range of proven and tested access doors and panels for commercial buildings. To learn more about our fire-rated products, call us at 1-888-441-4255 or send us a quote request!

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